Dev #05: Personal Space & Boundaries

Learning is embedded in social contexts. Learning with in virtual reality is not excluded from the need to create safe spaces for these interactions. Therefore, we are designing a system for Personal Spaces that on the one hand protects our learners and on the other hand helps us to develop reactive interaction methods based on it.

Dev #04: VR Whiteboards

Virtuelle Umgebung mit einem Whiteboard in der Bildmitte

After a longer break, we are back with our devblog. A lot has happened in the past weeks and months: We tested a first prototype together with students, developed a virtual showroom for and implemented new features, including one of our first reusable Figments: An interactive whiteboard.

Dev #03: Input, video streaming, voice chat & crystals

Today we talk about the integration of video streaming and voice chat with Agora as well as the implementation of individualized avatars with the help of ReadyPlayer.Me. We also talk about a first learning scenario.

Dev #01: Scenes, Avatars & Spatial Audio

Screenshot der Entwicklungsumgebung von, Stand 30.07.2021

This week marks the start of our devblog, in which we will try to keep you up to date with all the exciting (and the necessary mundane) stuff we are working on. As this is the first time we share our current activities with you, we would also like to talk about the work we did up until now.