Patch Version 0.2.2

Space Travel

Our initial release included a rather significant bug related to users travelling between spaces. While this method pulls all currently connected users to the new space, some internal references got lost or were not set correctly. This release aims to fix these issues and solves some additional bugs along the way.

Skipping v0.2.1

We had some internal issues with the building of this release, which is why we had to increase the version number to v0.2.2.

Change Log

For the complete change log please visit the release page or our public git repository. The following is a broad summary of the changes made in v0.2.2:

  • Space Travel: Travelling to a new space led to some unresolved references between our player controllers and the space specific systems, which contain all the core components needed for to function properly. These loose references led to a multitude of issues like broken object interactions, stuck teleportation rays and other unwanted effects. We fixed this by making sure to reset and re-initialize our player controllers after each space travel.
  • Disk Size: We cleaned and restructured our project folder and removed any large and unused assets leftover from our core development. This is mainly invisible in the compiled version, but leads to a nearly 50% decrease in file size for the installer (we had some really large assets laying around).
  • Menues and User Interfaces: In the main menu as well as in the ingame menu some visual issues were fixed. These mainly resolve around Unity’s UI system being as it is and involved re-setting Layout Elements and nudging Layout Groups. In the main menu (which uses UI Toolkit instead of the ingame UI system) it was unintentionally possible to cancel the blocking element that is shown while any loading operation is happening – this was fixed as well.
  • Spaces: The lighting as well as the geometry setup of some spaces was fixed.

Issues and Bug Reports

Please report any errors you find via our Gitlab.

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