Core Idea & Vision

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality should be easy – not only for students who want to learn in virtual worlds, but for teachers and content creators who want to design immersive spaces.

Figments.nrw enables you to unlock the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality: Intuitive tools make it easy to create worlds, prepare courses as well as explore and experience content.

Figments.nrw –Core Idea & Vision

Augmented and Virtual Reality in higher education

At its core, AR/VR.nrw works to establish a framework with which augmented and virtual reality can be incorporated in higher education without the need for subject matter experts to aquire specific expertise in technical domains. Content creation, teaching and sharing of didactically and paedagogically authored content should be at least as easy in these enriched and immersive media as it is in conventional settings.

In our interdisciplinary team we work on multiple aspects we think are especially relevant to reach our goal of creating a long-lasting and sustainable software solution:

  • Kickstart the development process of Figments.nrw by laying the groundwork in the form of a functional, expandable authoring environment thats tested and evaluated to meet the base needs of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Higher Education.
  • Evaluate the software, the didactical and methodical ways to use Figments.nrw, as well as our project formative and summative.
  • Establishing a community by creating added service and support opportunities, like tutorials, screencasts, a knowledge base and Figments.nrw development guidelines as well as general guidelines for using Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  • Enable content sharing via a dedicated repository for Figments, which are our way to handle authored contents that are more than just 3D-Files.

Figments — Reusable authored AR/VR-Content

One major inhibitating factor of using Augmented and Virtual Reality in a broader context is the effort needed to create 3D assets and author didactical and methodical effective learning content depending on these assets.

One way Figments.nrw works to compensate this factor is by creating robust authoring tools that can be used by any one, without the need for specific expertise in technical domains like 3D modelling or programming.

Another way to approach this issue is by creating the framework needed to collaborate and share such authored content. To encapsulate that this content includes more than just 3d objects (e.g. excersises, interactions, feedback) we decided to name these content Figments — reusable, editable and shareable.

A complete toolset for AR/VR

Content Authoring

Teaching Tools

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