The primary goal of is to provide the essential functionality for creating AR/VR content and using it in higher education in an open and free solution. Two very essential facets of this, assigned to specific user roles or tailored to their requirements, include the tools needed for content creation in an authoring environment and the tools needed for teaching/learning activities.

Authoring Environment

Creating educational content for AR/VR in conventional solutions is often complex and resource-intensive (especially when developing custom applications in integrated development environments), limited to specific use cases, not extensible (when using monolithic software) or associated with high recurring costs (when using software-as-a-service models). The authoring environment is being developed against this context as an open and extensible component that abstracts complex AR/VR content creation processes into more easily usable methods.

Teaching and Learning Environment

This component will be used by teachers and learners alike to access learning scenarios and other content created using the authoring environment. This includes not only methods for the technical realization of AR/VR (using HMD, desktop PC or mobile device), but also the realization of multi-user scenarios, the hosting and distribution of learning content in centralized or decentralized repositories, and tools for the control and execution of exercises by instructors.

If there is also a need for specific AR/VR solutions in teaching, the modular concept can be used to develop own objectives, content specifications and features. At the same time open source licenses ensure that the solutions developed in this way are in turn made available to third parties.

How to participate

Currently, the team of is working on a first prototype, with which a first round of usability tests and evaluations will be carried out. The plan is to open up the development of to third parties as soon as possible.